? AST 51309軸承,AST 51309推力球軸承-搜軸承AST數據中心

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      搜軸承 -- AST -- 推力球軸承 -- AST 51309軸承

      (dimensions in mm)

      Bearing Type - with grooved raceway(s)

      Bore Dia (d) - 45.0000

      Outer Dia (D) - 85.0000

      Radius (min) (rs) - 1.500

      Static Load Rating (Cor) - 164,000

      Dynamic Load Rating (Cr) - 78,900

      Max Speed (Grease) (X1000 RPM) - 2

      Max Speed (Oil) (X1000 RPM) - 3

      Height (H) - 28.0000

      Outer Dia. Pilot (D1) - 85.0000

      Bore Dia. Clearance (d1) - 47.0000

      Weight (g) - 720.00

      Material - 52100 chrome steel, or equivalent.

      The ball cage is a formed carbon steel design.

      Note that one washed is ID piloted and the other is OD piloted.

      Please review the technical information for the correct mounting guidelines for this bearing.

      訂購 AST 51309 請填寫如下信息




      Hot number:SKF 5150 NSK 54418 OKB 176317H OKB NSK 1207 SNR 4312A CX 6319 SIGMA 8607 NBS AXK 6085 INA FLCTEY30 LS GAC90S SNR R189.02 SKF W 6010-2RZ SKF 6216-RSNR McGill CRSBC-26